Webinar Information

"What's The Deal With LLM App Development in 2024?" will be hosted by Max Cembalest, one of Arthur's ML Research Engineers, and Zach Fry, Arthur's VP of Engineering. This event will be livestreamed on Zoom starting on Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 1:00 PM ET.


LLMs are being used for all kinds of business applications. We're excited to share an overview of a variety of tools & techniques to help you start experimenting with different uses of LLMs. Among other topics, this webinar will discuss:

  • Touchpoints & Experimentation: Trends in getting set up quickly to start testing the newest models
  • Evaluation: How do you pick the right LLM?
  • Enhancing Prompts: Tools/techniques for fetching useful examples & context from external systems


You'll also have the unique opportunity to ask questions to our world-class team of ML Engineers.

Presenter Information

Max Cembalest is a Machine Learning Engineer and researcher at Arthur, currently working on testing and evaluation for LLMs. Previously, he received an M.S. in Data Science from Harvard University, where he concentrated on interpretability and graph-based models.

Zach Fry is the VP of Engineering at Arthur. Prior to joining Arthur, Zach was an Engineering Manager at Palantir and has 10 years of engineering experience with emphasis on building reliable and large-scale data platforms and R&D in machine learning.

About Arthur

Arthur is the AI performance company. Our platform monitors, measures, and improves machine learning models to deliver better results. We help data scientists, product owners, and business leaders accelerate model operations and optimize for accuracy, explainability, and fairness.

Arthur’s research-led approach to product development drives exclusive capabilities in LLMs, computer vision, NLP, bias mitigation, and other critical areas. We’re on a mission to make AI work for everyone, and we are deeply passionate about building ML technology to drive responsible business results.

Last year, we launched Arthur Shield, the first firewall for LLMs; Arthur Bench, the most robust way to evaluate LLMs; and Arthur Chat, a completely turnkey AI chat platform.

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